Surfskate Zala X Special Boards


  • Californian made surf system (Waterborne)
  • 150mm Black Trucks
  • 60 mm or 72 mm Shark Wheels (Contact us )
  • 7ply Canadian maple
  • Size : 30” x  10” or  32″ x 10″
  • Surf inspired shape
  • Handcrafted in EU, Slovenia
  • Limited edition collaboartional board


We recommend the larger board for beginners as it is a bit more stable and easier to learn. Regarding the smaller size board it’s perfect for traveling around and doing some aggressive turns and slides.

“Its the perfect training board. It allows you to do turns like on a surfboard, it has trucks that are pretty loose so you can really lean into a turn and wheels with a right sliding capability.” ~ Zala Cuden

We have built a surfskate made by surfers and skaters to provide the best surfing on road feeling, we recomand them for all skill riders from beginners up to advanced riders. Everyone should be able to try surfskating we are sure you will have fun. That’s a fact. If any questions come up to your mind, you can contact us here  or directly message @zalacuden via Instagram 🙂

Check our mini interview with Zala and our collaboration here

Read more about Zala and her story here


Additional information

Surfskate size

10" x 30" Wheelbase 16.5", 10" x 32" Wheelbase 17"


Deck only, Full complete ready to surf the streets

Shark Wheel 60 mm color

None, 60MM, 78A Sapphire California Roll, 60MM 78A Transparent Purple California Roll, 60MM 78A Turquoise California Roll, 60MM 78A White California Roll, 60MM 78A Black California Roll, 60MM 78A Clear With Turquoise Hub, 60MM, 78A Clear With Blue Hub, 60MM 78A Clear With Pink Hub, 60MM 78A Clear With Lila Hub, 60MM 78A Clear With Orange Hub

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