rock edition


We thought ordinary skateboards got a little boring … so we made something extra. Something crazy. Something never seen on a skateboard before. We made a rock skateboard. Yes, real stone. On a skateboard. We cut thin slices of real, natural stone and combined it with our tried and trusted 7-layer Canadian maple board. Using a special process, we managed to make the rock layer ultra thin – we are talking about 1-3mm. That means our rock skateboards aren’t just a stylish  decoration – they are as practical as any other SB board, but prettier. 

The stone’s layer is so thin, it barely increases the weight. Rock edition skateboards are reinforced with fiber glass which prevents cracking and makes them as flexible as any other board. Not only that, real stone provides unmatched water resistance – you can take your rock edition SB board on a rainy skating trip without damaging it one bit. 

All the  color combinations and natural patterns have an amazing depth that cannot be replicated using cheap prints – real stone adds character and charm to ordinary wood boards. We try our best to show it in photos, but when you see it in person you will be amazed how it looks & feels. You will apreciate all the little details and uniqueness that cannot be shown with any digital equipment. Trust us on this one 🙂  This is truly aSpecial Board.” 

rock edition boards

rock edition