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Design Your Board

You want a skateboard, but you do not want any of the basic off-the-shelf designs you see all over the place? Don’t worry, SB-BoardS Custom Boards got you covered! Not only can you choose the type of wood for your deck, you can also opt for the addition of other special materials (such as carbon or glass fiber) and choose the shape, color and design of your new custom made skateboard. With our breakthrough NEW online 3d configurator, you can create your dream custom board within minutes.

The limits are your creativity; choose what inspires you, send Sepcial Boards a sketch you created, a design you like, draw out an exact plan or just send us a message describing what you want your board to be like and we can make it happen. 

We can also create a custom design just for your board following your guidelines if you would prefer your skateboard look to be created by our experienced artist.

No matter what you choose, we will send you a FREE sketch detailing exactly how your board will look like once finished before sending it to production, so there is no risk not knowing how your idea will turn out. Even if you are just starting and have no clue what size or material to choose, our team of skateboarders is here to help; send us a message and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.


Our prices might seem low, but our quality standards are anything but. Every single board we sell is hand-crafted in our workshop located in Slovenia, EU. We never do and never will drop-ship cheap decks, put our stickers on them and sell them at a huge premium. No, every SB board is carefully crafted in a process that sometimes takes hours, sometimes days.

We provide several methods of manufacture you can choose from. The most common is also the more affordable option – we press solid wood together, creating wood combinations ranging from subtle minimalism to serious playfulness.

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Boards created using this method are most suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.The more advanced way of production we offer is there to suit the needs of even the most demanding of professional-level skaters. Those types of boards are typically single pressed in a mold. They can be made of wood only or reinforced using kevlar, glass, hemp or carbon fiber. With reinforcement, they are sure to last a lifetime!

Every board we ship has a perfect concave shape that allows for more comfort and durability while also making turning easier than ever. We can include kick-tails, nose-tails and other special shapes on request.

WHY SB-BoardS Custom Boards?

  • The first in the world to have an online design studio, where you can design and create a custom board in minutes
  • We don’t sell cheap mass-produced boards with our stickers on them, we sell handcrafted, premium-quality skate equipment
  • every single board we create is unique, made to meet your demands
  • Our prices are as competitive as they get – show us a place where you can get a custom hand-made board of the same quality for cheaper, and we will give you a massive discount (spoiler alert – it doesn’t exist) 🙂
  • YOU have the power to choose what your board will look like. Why would you limit yourself to a few predictable designs you see everywhere? Unleash your creativity and create something you can proudly ride on! Different shapes, materials, sizes and designs? We’ve got you covered.
  • The wheels we use aren’t just any skateboard wheels, they are Sharkwheels – the best there are in the skating world
  • We ship worldwide and use Express DHL shipping, so your new board is sure to arrive quickly and safely to you
  • Come on – you designed your own board! Doesn’t that feel a little special?

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