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I want to introduce you to our brand SB-BoardS (Special Boards) made by Bohanel Sardi). We specialize in creating custom handcrafted longboards, skates, surfskates and cruisers. Everything we do is handmade in Slovenia with quality materials (wood, glass and carbon fibers). We sell the best performance trucks, bearings and skateboard wheels on the market. Because of our professionalism, efficiency and trustworthiness.

Shark Wheels co. has made us the only distributor of their amazing wheels in Slovenia. Every board is unique and handmade with love and passion. If you choose to buy our product you can choose any length, shape and material.

We take the inspiration for our boards from surfing and street lifestyles. Our priority is making our customers happy with high quality creative custom made boards and skateboard products.

Every board made in our shop makes us proud about what we do and we cannot express how excited we are to release our upcoming projects. If you wish to give some feedback, have any suggestions for our brand or want to place an order don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support and happy cruising ☺️
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About the wheels

We don’t just stick any skateboard wheels onto our decks – we use the best, most premium there are: Shakrwheels. Sharkwheels reduce friction and therefore allow you to take your skateboarding where you just couldn’t before. Skating effortlessly over debris, grass, gravel, cracks and any other rough surface? With Sharkwheels, this isn’t a dream anymore. Being best described as smooth and fast, Sharkwheels make skateboarding as addictive as it gets. Learn more about our innovative wheels here.

We ship worldwide

  • We have officially partnered with DHL and now offer their express 48h delivery system; to get the board in your hands and under your feet as soon as possible
  • We ship to any country in the world; everyone should be able to enjoy our custom hand-made boards
  • Have you ordered something from our shop and are looking to track your parcel? Here is a direct link to our tracking website


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