3D Design Studio, Custom Longboard, Skateboard & Surfskate Designed in seconds

Finally revealed our “TOP SECRET WEBSITE 😂” almost one year of development and research is now published. Check our website Special-Boards.com and explore a range variety of high quality products such as:

  • Longboards,Skateboards, Surfskates , Clothing, Equipments, Shark Wheels.
  • We would appreciate any feedback from you, so we can improve/adjust our new website.

Why is our 3d Tool so cool? Customers can custom design their boards in minutes and have a really outstanding board at affordable pricing.  We have received a record amount of designs made on our website using our UNIQUE 3D DESIGN STUDIO tool. Check the combinations below  to see all the creative people who customized and ordered our boards 🤙🏼 You can message us which one is your favourite? Have you already customized your Skateboard, Longboard, Surfskate, Cruiser

Have you already designed you Custom Board on our website? Surf through it. Sharing it on your social media accounts will be much appreciated 🙂 Thank you cool people.

Special Boards team



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