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Stone skateboard? Are we crazy? How much does that weight? Will it break? Yes, yes, and only 100-300g
more than an ordinary board, Actually it is flexible too 🙂 We managed to achieve this by using ultra-thin slices of real
natural stone and reinforcing it with fiber glass. This amazing stone veneer adds a rock pattern that is unique to each and
every board. Absolutely pretty, absolutely crazy, absolutely stone.

  • Unique & Handcrafted from start to finish
  • The Name Coulorful Seashell is there for a reason, when you look the board from a certain angel & light It will reflect in a very  specific way  🙂
  • Limited edition
  • Made In Europe in Slovenia with sustainability in mind (real rock, real wood, waterbased glue)
  • Length: 33.5” Width: 9.6”  WB: 22.8”
  • 72m, 78a Shark Wheel DNA Wheels
  • Shiver PRO 180mm reverse kingpin trucks with reversible hangar
  • Shiver Abec 9 built-in spacer bearings
  • Black broadcast grip tape
  • Perfect concave & flex

*Each board is slightly different due to the natural rock pattern and color variations.

Additional information

Shark Wheel 72 mm color

72MM, 78A Transparent Amber DNA, 72MM, 78A Transparent Red, DNA 72MM, 78A Transparent Emerald DNA, 72MM, 78A White DNA, 7OMM, 78A Ice Blue Sidewinder, 72MM, 78A Black DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Turquoise Hub DNA, 72MM, 78A Clear With Blue Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Pink Hub DNA, 72MM, 78A Clear With Yellow Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Orange Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Green Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Red Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Lila Hub DNA, 72MM 78A Clear With Black Hub DNA


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