Zala X Special boards


Ever wondered how the professional surfers maintain their skills when there are flat days? Wonder no more. We collaborated with Zala Cuden, our favourite professional Slovenian surfer, to reveal the secret to efficient and enjoyable training without access to the sea. Your training starts now! Well first things first: SURF, SKATE, EAT, REPEAT… 😉


1) How would you describe yourself ?

Easygoing, positive, passionate 🙂

2) When have you first started skateboarding/surfing?

I started skateboarding when I was about 15 years old and started surfing at 19.

3) What are your fav. Surf spots? And why?

Definitely Mentawais (probably Telescopes) because its a perfect left hander that never disappoints.

4) What are the benefits of surfskating?

It helps you improve your surfing alot. You learn how to move your body to gets speed, to turn and how to use your strength.

5) Does surfskating improve surfing skills? Is it a good alternative when you can’t surf?

Its a very good alternative! It can improve your movement and you can use your knowledge from surfskate in the water.

6) What makes your surfskate special?

Its the perfect training board. It allows you to do turns like on a surfboard, it has trucks that are pretty loose so you can really lean into a turn and wheels with a right sliding capability.

7) How did you design your surfskate? Did you enjoy working with Special Boards?

Actually the idea was here for a while and I am happy we did it. It was a pleasure to work with the talented crew. The design was a mixture of my ideas and their years of experience. I highly recommend it:)