Shark Wheel 60 mm


  • Excellent for cruising or carving; the California Rolls fit on smaller decks such Pennys and Cruisers.
  • Great for cruising and for smaller or mini-longboards
  • 60mm – 78a – Skateboard Wheels
  • Made in USA
  • All 60mm wheel purchases comes in sets of 4 wheels total
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Sharkwheels reduce friction and therefore allow you to take your skateboarding where you just couldn’t before. Skating effortlessly over debris, grass, gravel, cracks and any other rough surface? With Sharkwheels, this isn’t a dream anymore. Being best described as smooth and fast, Sharkwheels make skateboarding as addictive as it gets.

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Sapphire California Roll, Emerald California Roll, Red California Roll, Black California Roll, White California Roll, Clear with Mint Hub California Roll, Clear with Orange Hub California Roll, Clear with BLUE Hub California Roll, Clear with Yellow Hub California Roll, Clear with Pink Hub California Roll, Clear with Purple Hub California Roll

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