Sunset Zipper Hoodie


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Sunsets are great. But summer sunsets are the best there are. Sand under your feet, salt in
your hair and suntan you got while surfing tirelessly through the day. The thing is, sunsets
are awesome, but they don’t change the fact that sun is… well, leaving. And as soon as it
starts going down, you start getting chilly. You don’t want some cold ruining your whole
sunset experience. And you defenitely don’t want to catch a nasty cold in the middle of
summer, keeping you from surfing and having fun. Well, we have a solution. Order a hoodie
from our new summer-inspired collection! Created with summer vibes, sun, sea, sand and
surfing in mind, it will do the job of keeping you warm flawlessly while looking as summery
as it gets. Thanks to premium organic cotton, extreme comfort and new designs, you will
soon enough start looking forward to the cold that comes with every sunset, too:)

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