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You skate. We do, too. In fact, we can’t stop skating. We skate in summer, we skate in
spring, we skate in autumn, when we can, we even skate in winter. How do we not die
falling off the board, freezing to death or suffering a heat stroke, you ask? Well, we mostly
stay firmly on our boards during all seasons thanks to Sharkwheels. And we stay warm in
nasty weather condition thanks to our Classic collection. When you are as much of a skating
addict as we are, you only want the warmest, comfiest, best looking and best put-together
of cold-weather skating clothes. Luckily, our Classic collection delivers. Not only that, it is a
favorite among skate-freaks for a reason. Discover hoodies that keep us warm and keep our
addiction going long into the winter!


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Oxford grey, Navy blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple

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