SB Boards 2019

Always ride in style. And make that style yours. We started with one mission: to create high-quality custom boards, offer them at competitive prices and make people happy with skates they designed. We are always open for collaborations with people that support our mission. If you are a content creator, get in touch. We can create great things together.

komotar minuta 2018

We had a great collaboration with Komotar Minuta, the most prominent vlogger and influencer in Slovenia (he actually won that title in 2018). Sb-boards sent him a custom made 5-layer carbon fiber board, tailored specifically to his needs. As you can tell, he loved it. A lot. 

We are looking forward to further cooperations, stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰

komotar minuta 2019

Since the first reaction was very positive, we decided to treat him again. We sent our staple, the bestselling River flow, as a gift for his daughter. Customized and refined, Sb-boards impressed him and his daughter again.